Colleagues from around the world gather for a unique event. Make the best use of the time and ensure that your teams return home motivated and informed.


Reward your teams and best performers. Reflect on your achievements and make your team feel special. Motivate your colleagues to reach even greater heights!

Kick Off

Start the business year in the right way. What are plans? What are the main challenges ahead? The Kick Off is a one time chance to motivate your teams world-wide for the coming year.


What new products and services are being introduced? How will they be supported? What are the expectations? What are the competitors doing? Keep your teams informed and ready!

When colleagues from around the world meet you have a single opportunity to make an impression.  International conferences, sales meetings and award ceremonies are just some of the events that I have facilitated.  When successful, a great event provides a positive kick start to a new year or is a fantastic way of celebrating and honouring a great team effort.
If you already have the details of your event planned and are looking for someone to smoothly guide it from beginning to end, then I can help you.  Alternatively, if you are struggling to find put your ideas together or find a guiding theme, I can support you too.
If you would like to find out more then please don’t hesitate to contact me.